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Private Chess Class

Private Chess Class
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Individual Chess Classes are the best way for you to improve quickly. You receive the undivided attention of an incredible chess coach and specific advice on how you can improve NOW.
The Private Chess Classes (1 on 1) includes:
  • One-hour long session with a trained chess coach.
  • Personalized coaching based on your individual needs and goals.
  • The opportunity to review and analyze games that you played during the class.
  • The coach will provide feedback, guidance, and strategies to help you improve your chess skills.
  • The coach will assign homework and drills for you to work on between your private chess classes to continue your progress.

Rescheduling and Return policy

Please let us know in advance if you can't make it to your scheduled meeting. If you schedule and don't show up too many times, we will stop accepting the appointment requests.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nikolas Mor

Had my first class and already learned so much about chess that otherwise i would have never known. Not only did the coach identify my faults but he helped me realise them on my own by guiding me through everything making me able to think for myself instead of just telling me straight up the solution which is by far the best and effective way to learn.

Sarah B.
Highly recommend

I 100% recommend allen, as this was my first official class with him and he has a very great approach on teaching. He quickly managed to pinpoint my weaknesses and immediately assigned me homework after the class to work on those specific things. Highly recommend him, going to take another class with him once i’ve finished the assigned homework!