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We offer different types of coaching centered on specific aspects :

  • Performance and Life Lessons

    A results-driven course that will bring out the chess master inside you and equip you with the tools and wisdom to excel in both your personal and professional life.

  • Fun and Chess Culture

    A course focused on the joy people get from playing chess, learning unique openings and interacting with others. And we help by giving you opportunities to experience this.

  • Mix

    The previous descriptions had aspects that you really liked and you would like to have a parts of each type for your chess classes.

Allen Pinchuk, Playing chess Top high quality experienced chess coach

I used to be just like you...

Allen Pinchuk - Top 0.1% of Chess Players

Others would be having fun, playing well and winning games when playing chess while I was eager to play but I would get frustrated and sad after a couple of bad moves and defeats. But then, everything changed. I discovered that everyone around me was taking chess classes. I realized that if they could improve, so could I.

With incredible coaches guiding me, I was able to fully enjoy the benefits from chess. I achieved success in chess, in school and in life. I became one of the top chess players of my age in the state I lived in, I got into the most prestigious school in my province and I felt I was sharp and focused in my day to day life.

Now I enjoy playing chess at a high level and teaching people how to do the same.

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Our Results

With a consistent coaching plan and dedicated practice, we helped our students increase their rating by 500 points in just a few months. Imagine what you could achieve. Schedule your coaching class today and let's start working towards your own rating boost!

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  • Emotional Benefits

    Chess increases self-esteem and confidence, teaches patience and discipline, promotes relaxation and stress relief, and encourages social interaction and teamwork. Plus it's a great way to socialize and have fun.

  • Mental Benefits

    Chess boosts problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also enhances memory and cognitive function, stimulates creativity and imagination, and develops strategic planning and decision-making abilities.

  • Physical Benefits

    Chess helps to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It also increases concentration and attention to detail.